Monster – iSport – Wireless Bluetooth Superslim

Compatible with Android / iPhone / iPod / iPad




The best in ear headphones for sports, these wireless earphones are sweat-proof, stay put, and feature unrivaled Pure Monster Sound® to power you through your most intense workouts.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Starring Pure Monster Sound®
They’re here. Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Headphones that offer the clarity, dynamics, punch, and power of Pure Monster Sound®. Now, you can listen to the music that gets you pumped with sports earphones that don’t require you to lug around your smartphone. Be free. Be active. Be strong.


Finally, a Slim Earphone for Wearing Head Gear Comfortably
Whether you’re speeding down a slope in fresh powder or biking up a grueling trail, iSport® SuperSlim Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Headphones are the perfect companion thanks to their SuperSlim profile that lets you wear goggles, helmets, beanies, or other head gear in supreme comfort, while wirelessly pumping in Pure Audio Adrenaline. If you want sports earphones that give you both freedom and comfort, look no further.



Ultra Lightweight
These featherweight wireless sports earphones are as airy as the wind on your face as you cross the finish line.



5+ Hours of Constant Playback 
With an impressive five hours of audio, you can listen to an hours-long motivational playlist to get you through your marathon run or ride … and never run out of juice.



30-Foot Wireless Range and Still Sounds as Good as Wired
At the gym, on the slopes, or on the track or trail, iSport®  SuperSlim Wireless Bluetooth Headphones sound every bit as good as wired. While your ears won’t know these babies are wireless, your body will thanks to the increased freedom that comes from cutting the headphone cord.



Sweat-Resistant Ear Clips Keep Earphones in Place
The more you sweat, the better you feel. Don’t let your wireless earphones get between you and your workout. iSport®  SuperSlim Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Headphones are built to withstand even the most drenching activities yet stay firmly in place thanks to water-resistant ear clips.


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